I'm a freelance game & digital artist from Belgium. I'm specialized in game & level design, real-time & high level 3D production, pixel art & isometric design, art direction & concept art, motion design & video production.


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Kuuluu Entertainment


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Attic Studio


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I was born in Anderlecht the 8th of June 1982. Passionate by drawing, cinema and video games since my early age, i received my very first formation in arts during my studies at the Athénée royale Robert Campin. I get my Highschool degree in June 2000.


I joined the Digital Art section of the Academy of Fine Arts from Tournai in September 2000. There, I learned the bases of various tools and method used in computer animation. Having chosen a 3D specialization, I've been practising Modeling, Texturing, Lightning, Rendering and animation of 3D elements. During the last two years of my studies, I co-directed and presented as final project a short-film titled Yoghana. Build as a documentary set on an unknown planet,  the 3D animated movie depicts the imaginary species through the seas, airs and lands.  In June 2005, I obtained my Master Degree in Digital Arts.


In March 2006, I've been hired as 3D artist by TAATU S.A. , company specialized in virtual worlds. Its main product, TAATU World, was a web integrated 2.5D environment where users could create, furnish and decorate their own room and participate to media event. During this period, I was formed to Pixel Art (2D post-treatment re-enforcing pixel's visibility) and isometric design specificity. I've been responsible for the design, 3D production, Pixel-Art treatment and Flash integration of the majority of the virtual objects available in the catalogue and several public rooms on which I also worked as Level designer.

The following years, I've been involved on several 2.5D virtual worlds developed for major client including : StarAc World (e-TF1, Endemol), Secret World (e-TF1, Endemol) and Plus belle la Life (Telfrance).


In 2009, TAATU S.A. turned into TAATU Studio and started producing 3D games using Unity technology. We developed Throw it darts (browser integrated dart game), Turtle Surf (racing game for mobile) and a prototype for Secret Story 3D (facebook game for Endemol). During this period, I was mainly involved as Real-time 3D artist, Concept artist, Level and UI designer.

In 2011, the company released it's very last product : Portal Places. A 2.5D social game for Facebook based on TAATU World's engine.


In parallel to my commitment as an employee for TAATU Studio, I worked on several personal games projects  and get progressively involved in Game design, analysis and documentation.


In 2011, I joined PlayMe Studio, company specialized in gesture recognition, as an independent Game & Level designer. I worked on various documents and analysis for games and apps such as Swing Guru (gesture Golf training app) and Jungle's Games (gesture party games).

In 2012, I proposed the concept for a gesture game named Butterflies. Beyond my involvement as Game and Lead level designer, I also worked for the first time as Art director, producing all the Concept arts and supervising the environment completion.


In 2014, I co-found Attic Studio, apps & games oriented company focusing on mobiles and new technologies.

First name : Guillaume

Last name : Catteau

Date of birth : 8th of June 1982

Sex : Male


Residence : Tournai, Belgium

Nationality : Belgian


Degrees : - Licence in digital arts (2005)

3D animation specialization


- High School degree (2000)

Applied Art & History specialization

FREELANCE 2011-Today

2016 - HOLLYWOOD MANSION Kuuluu entertainment

Game designer, 3D artist

2014 - PLAY VAL DE LESSE Attic studio

App designer, 3D artist

2012 - BUTTERFLIES PlayMe studio

Game & Level designer, Art Director, Concept artist, UI designer

2012 - SWING GURU ActiveMe studio

Gesture analyst

2011 - JUNGLE'S GAMES PlayMe studio

Game designer, 3D artist

TAATU STUDIO 2006-2011

AC'T 2006-2011

2005 - Licence in Digital Arts

3D & Animation specialisation

2005 - YOGHANA

Co-Director, 3D artist, Concept artist, Sound designer


2000 - High School degree

Applied Art & History specialization


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